About Halspan
Halspan is a 3-layer particle board, manufactured with doors in mind. Designed to out-perform other types of board, it is ideal as a solid core door and better / easier to make, veneer and laminate.

Originating from the most modern high-tech plant, high volume and flowline production ensures consistent high quality, guaranteed product performance and output to meet all requirements.

Our door blank has a 'deck' layer, a fine surface which eliminates the need for MDF facing. The inner structure of the timer 'long grain chip' core provides sufficient strength for screw holding to remove any need for perimeter framing in doors. All factors for quicker, cost effective and reliable production.

Testing has also broadened the initial Halspan product with direct benefits in timber leaf options and extended sizes; timber, MDF and metal frames; simplified glazing and styling; simplified installation, attained highest grading standards in mechanical performance and fire to BS and EN standards. Halspan provides the best safety standards in fire doors combined with economic advantage.
© Copyright 1997-2003 KJP International Limited
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